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Atex Technology and credibility

Know the history of the leader in moulds for works

Pioneer in bringing to Brazil the technology of plastic moulds for ribbed slabs, Atex was founded in 1991. Since then, our company has continued to innovate and remains the leader in Latin America in moulds for works.

In addition, we have also become one of the main references of this segment abroad, with operations in 3 continents and headquarters in 8 countries.

Know each step of our trajectory.

Why choose Atex for your work?

  • 30 years of experience

  • National and International performance

  • Most resistant moulds on the market

  • More saving

  • More sustainable

  • Best end result

Sustainability in Civil Construction

Committed to generating positive economic results and minimizing the environmental impact, we work with guidelines converging to the sustainable development of the planet. That is why Atex moulds

Cycles of Atex moulds

Cycles of Atex moulds

The petrochemical industry produces thermoplastic resin, a base material for Atex moulds.

The thermoplastic resin is additivated and transformed by Atex to produce high quality moulds, with differentiated finish and high resistance

The Atex Units prepare and supply the high-strength moulds for the works, for concreting slabs in different types of projects.

At the end of use on site, due to their high resistance, the moulds return to the Atex Units for cleaning and future use in new projects.

After arriving at the works, the moulds are assembled on the shoring for the concreting of the slabs

When a mould can no longer be reused, its material becomes a basic raw material for the manufacture of ironwork spacers.

As the spacers remain permanently attached to the slab structure, there is no generation of Atex waste in the environment

Recognized quality

We work to offer intelligent solutions for works of different levels of complexity, ensuring more savings, productivity, innovation and sustainability for your project.

Check out the awards, certifications and seals that guarantee the quality of our company and products.

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