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Atex Products

Smart solutions for your work.

Bidirectional mould

Available in different geometries, Atex's bidirectional moulds are ideal for molding orthogonal ribs, with equal widths in two directions. Thus, they give origin to a...

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Unidirectional Mould

Resistant and flexible, Atex unidirectional moulds are designed to overcome spans where the ratio of the smallest to the largest span is less than 0.5....

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Mould for round pillar

Build round pillars more efficiently Ensure more agility and practicality in the construction of round or oval pillars with Atex's moulds for round pillars. These...

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Rib Canceller

The Atex rib canceller is a resistant and precise piece. It fits perfectly between the bidirectional moulds for ribbed slab and maintains its position during...

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Tubex provides horizontal holes in ribbed slabs, which facilitates the installation of ventilation ducts, hydraulic tubes and electrical gutters passed through the thickness of the...

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The Planex is a complete modular solution for building solid slabs, beams and rectangular pillars. The moulds that make up this system are made of...

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Compatible with all Atex mould models, the Cabetex shoring system is ideal for further accelerating the construction process. It consists of linear steel rulers, used...

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Aluminum mould

Lift concrete walls with much more flexibility and agility in your works. With the aluminum mould system, you can reduce a construction cycle from seven...

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Used in the construction of concrete walls and rebars, the Atex spacers ensure more precision in the placement of ironwork. The products are so practical...

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Shoring Support

Com o escoramento específico para as fôrmas Atex, é preciso utilizar apenas um nível de vigas. Dessa maneira, é possível uma rápida montagem e desforma...

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Grim grid

This modular structure is very versatile, allowing different types of use in facades, interior design and landscaping. The installation and removal processes are simple and...

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Winner of the Braskem Design Challenge and inspired by the elements of nature, Mycena is a very versatile modular structure for interior design. Because it...

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